BumP News: WvW Beta

[BumP] goes [JuDi]



   ⚔️ WvW BETA ⚔️
14|10|2022 – 21|10|2022

Another WvW BETA week is in front of us and we kinda looking forward to it 😉

Since BumP has got agreements to join with a number of Guilds this time (such as WHAT, MoD, MoI and Chef), I have created an Alliance Guild.
This will keep every Guilds Roster clear, saves us alot of Admin Work, keeps all easy and brings the different Guilds with its Members closer together.

All interested WvW Players who wants to go with BumP into the Beta Week needs to get invited to and to join the Alliance Guild called [JuDi] Just Different Alliance

How it works:
👍 Alliance Leaders of JuDi are the Guild Leaders of each Guild
👍 Alliance Leaders sending invitations to their Guild Members (u will need a free Guild Slot)
👍 Tick the Box in front of JuDi to go with ur Guild into the BETA Week (just like u see on the photo beneath – it needs to be done until thu, 13-10-2022)

If u still need an invite and can’t reach us in game –> please post ur Guild Wars 2 in-game Account Name in this Channel to receive and invitation for the Alliance Guild [JuDi] for the upcoming BETA Week: https://discord.com/channels/697163314945589298/1029054380068061194

And here is the Link to the [JuDi] Discord:
(please put your Guild TAG in front of your name to make the verification easier)

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