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World vs. World

What is a PvE-Raid?

Raids [and Strike Missions] are 10-player instanced content. Generally considered the hardest PvE content in Guild Wars 2, Raids and Strike Missions require players to coordinate to handle mechanics, survive, and defeat bosses. The seven Raid Wings progress players through three or four bosses and encounters each, while Strike Missions are typically a single-boss fight without interim events.

FAQ from the Hardstuck: https://hardstuck.gg/gw2/guides/strike-missions/guide-to-10-player-content/


How to Start?

Make sure to contact @PvE-Guide in Game or Discord for help if you feel overwhelmed or feel like you missing something in your preparation.
General Tips: watch guides on the Wings you are gonna participate

like here: https://hardstuck.gg/gw2/guides/raids/
or there: https://mukluklabs.com/gw2-raid-guides
check current META builds at: https://snowcrows.com/builds?profession=any&category=recommended
including beginners guides: https://snowcrows.com/builds?profession=any&category=beginner

Roles you would like to learn: quickness DPS/ Qheal, alacrity DPS / alacHeal.
the most used classes for those are Guardian(FireBrand) for Q and Engineer(Mechanist) for A.



How to Participate?

Every Saturday(unless commander shut it down/not enough people) at 7pm CET.
If we gather as a training group make sure to join our voice channel, pinned to the Event tab at our server.
There the commander will run an explanations and do calls and if necessary explain the encounter.

Sign-up Sheet

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