░C░r░a░z░y░   ░B░u░m░P░e░r░   ░S░t░i░c░k░e░r░s░

No fear – [BumP] is here!

Be a Crazy Bumper Sticker and join our Guild, based on Ruins of Surmia [EU]
We’re a bunch of chilled and social ppl, trying to help our members to progress in the game in every content of the game.
We class ourself as  PvX Guild & we’re recruiting active WvW Players & Commanders. Both kind of Players are welcome, experienced MMO Players as well as Newcomers.
We ain’t hardcore nor huge, but with our knowledge within the Guild, we can help you find your place in the great battles of WvW

We are currently looking for:

2x Chronomancer
2x Support Firebrand
and last but not least
Commanders with heart and passion

BumP features:

daily active Discord
experience from every single Game Mode
weekly PvE Training Sessions
weekly WvW Training Runs
daily WvW Causual Guild Squads
as well as help in every other aspect of the Game
Go to BumP Schedule –>

Join our social community and get Permabuffs from our beautiful decorated Guild Hall, find Parties to join, trade within the Guild, improve your skills & performance with our training sessions & enjoy the game while having chilled Voice Chats.


👍  Join Voice during Raids (listening is fine – being vocal is helpful)
👍  To be able to attend our WvW Raids, if u have a chance to
👍  Willing to improve skills and performance
👍  Representing is required whenever you are in WvW
👍 Once joined the Raid, pls try to stay for the complete 1,5 hours and also the talk afterwards

Additional Info:

Discord-Link 👉 https://voice.the-bump-guild.com/
Youtube 👉 https://youtube.the-bump-guild.com/
Twitch 👉 https://live.the-bump-guild.com/
GW2 Guildex 👉 https://gw2.guildex.org/view-guild/18019