Join the

Alliance Guild


Guild Wars 2

WvW Restructuring BETA Weeks!


There is no down-side to it, take the Advantage:

  • We got our own Discord for organising TAGs & Raids
  • Get your own Guild Rank within the Guild
  • No messing with your Guild Roster when joining together


Join [JuDi] and be part of our Server
on the next BETA!


List of Guilds which has joined in the past:

  • Guild [MoI] from AG
  • Guild [BumP] from RoS
  • Guild [No] from RoS
  • Guild [WHAT] from Piken
  • Guild [MoD] from Piken
  • Guild [Chef] from Piken
  • Guild [No] from RoS

Join the

JuDi Discord

and ask for

an invite ! has updated its Alliance Option!

And of course, we have have created our Alliance of JuDi on GW2MISTS as well !